Ah, Goals

What interesting things they can be for us as people. They are what we dream about, what we strive to achieve, and what we fight for on a daily basis (if we’re REALLY determined). Sometimes wrenches are thrown into our system. It smokes, squeaks, and finally halts. We have a few options when that happens:

  1. Grab a flashlight and a bag of tools, and dive into the wreckage;
  2. Find a mechanic (these hands were made for teaching and typing, machines aren’t my forte);
  3. Take the machine to the dump and try to build a new one.

Which one of those choices are you more inclined to try? Which one of those choices have you made?

To be honest with you, I’ve tried them all. There is no rhyme or reason for the decisions I made as each one was based on different circumstances and outcomes. A battle of cost and benefit analysis. Quitting a goal does not make you weak, and it certainly does not reveal cowardice or laziness in your character. Sometimes we just have to “take the ‘L'” and try something knew. Sometimes, you have to fight until you’ve got nothing left in you… then take the “L.” Sometimes you have to suck it up and just ask for help.

I still have lots of goals. Lately they have seemed to be a far reach from where I am right now, but I’ll keep reaching even if I need to tether myself to the cliff. By golly, I’m going to get there.