Rambling On

Really, the rules are simple: be rational, and follow a consistent pattern of thinking.

That’s how I think of it, at least. Thanks, math. My brain processes ideas and changes in a very systematic and step-by-step way. The biggest problem is being able to think outside the box and let bygones be bygones. I suppose, in my head, if a problem arises or a failure occurs, there has to be some reason WHY it happened. Can I go back and check my work? Surely I wrote everything down. And I do.

But… The Rules of Logic have an emergency STOP button when rational thought retreats to chaos. And in the chaos, I find my anxiety. In my anxiety, I find my fear. In my fear… well, I find my end.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. Rather than trying to find a logical way to fix the past, I need to use my logic to press forward. Tweak the experiment so to speak. Find a new formula, identify the variables, and work like hell to reach the solution.

The formula… ah… there lies the challenge.

Challenge accepted.



Ah, Goals

What interesting things they can be for us as people. They are what we dream about, what we strive to achieve, and what we fight for on a daily basis (if we’re REALLY determined). Sometimes wrenches are thrown into our system. It smokes, squeaks, and finally halts. We have a few options when that happens:

  1. Grab a flashlight and a bag of tools, and dive into the wreckage;
  2. Find a mechanic (these hands were made for teaching and typing, machines aren’t my forte);
  3. Take the machine to the dump and try to build a new one.

Which one of those choices are you more inclined to try? Which one of those choices have you made?

To be honest with you, I’ve tried them all. There is no rhyme or reason for the decisions I made as each one was based on different circumstances and outcomes. A battle of cost and benefit analysis. Quitting a goal does not make you weak, and it certainly does not reveal cowardice or laziness in your character. Sometimes we just have to “take the ‘L'” and try something knew. Sometimes, you have to fight until you’ve got nothing left in you… then take the “L.” Sometimes you have to suck it up and just ask for help.

I still have lots of goals. Lately they have seemed to be a far reach from where I am right now, but I’ll keep reaching even if I need to tether myself to the cliff. By golly, I’m going to get there.

Goodbye and Good Riddance

I am usually the sentimental type when it’s time to move along. In this case, however, I’m ready to blow this Popsicle stand. There is something more violent I might do if it didn’t violate my lease… 🙂

This “home,” this apartment, is an ugly smudge on my memory. For two years I inhabited this place, and this is the place where my hopes and dreams came to die. So I will read their eulogies and get the hell out of Dodge. Unlike my apartment in Tarboro, I will not miss this cemetery of lost hopes and dreams. Of holes in the walls made from anger, broken door hinges from violent outbursts… if these walls could talk, they would weep. I am no victim. I am a survivor.

So, cool. I’m out. Time for my little farmhouse out in BFE (Bumfck Egypt), where the crickets will sing their lullabies and stars will be my nightlight.

“The thing of it is – the very best part – is I have time now. All the time I want and all the time I need. Time enough at last.” – The Twilight Zone

Go Home – Julien Baker

Some lyrics were left out on purpose, but I really like this song.

I went walking againI’ll go out and forget to tell any of my friends where I’m going…

“I’m sorry for asking, but please, come take me home”


I quit talking again

But I know you’re still listening to see if I am sleeping

And I haven’t been taking my meds

Lock all the cabinets, send me to bed

Cause I know you’re still worried I’m gonna get scared

Cause I’m alone again and I don’t like the things I see


And I haven’t been taking my meds

So lock all the cabinets, and send me to bed

Cause I know you’re still worried I’m gonna get scared again…

But I’ve kissed enough bathroom sinks to make up for the lovers that never loved me

And I know my body is just dirty clothes;

I’m tired of washing my hands

God, I wanna go home

The End of the Year

This has been the roughest school year I have ever experienced since my first year teaching. The added “roughness” of it all comes from the collapse and rebuild of my personal life. Within the past year, I have gotten married and separated; said goodbye to a best friend when she moved halfway across the country; began the fight with depression that still comes at me from time to time like a freight train.

On the other hand, I met a man who had the patience to listen to me and remind me the world is not a terrible place; I’ve taught some kids that I’m really going to miss; I’ve had a chance to learn that I have one of the greatest support systems on the planet between my friends and family.

We learn, we grow, and we keep on keeping on I suppose. But I’m glad this year is over. Put it in the record books.

Every single day I’m reminded that life isn’t easy, it cannot be compared, and it is priceless. Whatever you’re going through, keep going. If you’re happy, stay happy. If you’re not, find a way to survive because that’s instinct. How many times have I questioned myself over the past year? Oh…. so many times. But I won’t ever give up, even when I feel like the fruits of my labor may end up rotten. One day I see the light, the next I see a vast ocean of nothingness. Either way, I wake up every morning to learn if I’ll have a good day or a bad day.

This was a whole lot of nothing. But something? Thanks for reading.

Food for Thought

Does a narcissist truly love anyone? Rather, do they learn to love? And if they do love someone other than themselves, do they mourn a loss of that person? Or do they just mourn the loss of what that person provided for them?

I guess there is no point in pondering these questions because a narcissist probably doesn’t care. I imagine they swim in a pool of woe and self pity, and they curse a world that could EVER let anything bad happen to them. 

Do narcissists believe in God? Or do they think of themselves as a god, a powerful being controlling their minions?

Do they fight for anything besides themselves?

I imagine not. I imagine they would rather cut their losses and move on. I think what they don’t realize is that they are not the ones cutting their losses…. they are the loss that’s being cut.

What a miserable existence.