Dark Nights, Dark Thoughts

She slipped on her jacket over the black onesie. After descending a few steps, boots were slipped on over covered feet. “I’ll be especially warm,” she thought as she continued down the stairs. “I wonder what the sky looks like tonight.”

The girl opened the door to her one bedroom apartment before she put her dog on a leash. “Be quick, baby. I’m sleepy.”

As her dog lazily sniffed around the yard and urinated in seemingly random places, the girl gazed about her in the cold. She blew lightly into the night air to watch her breath expel from her lungs. A chill only swept her face while her boots and coat kept her warm and cozy. The dog moved toward the building, ducking beneath the bushes to sniff the leaves and pine needles, and the girl took a deep breath before turning her head toward the sky. “Oh, look at those stars. How pretty, sitting up there, thinking themselves alone while surrounded by their peers. I wonder what it’s like to be a star. Perhaps there is no consciousness, but perhaps there is. Either way, what kind of reality is that?”

As she continued to stare, a loud blast of sound broke the silence. The girl felt herself falling forward in slow motion as her dog barked in anger and fright. When she hit the ground, a warm tongue grazed her forehead for a few seconds before rushing off into the night. The barks became distant echoes that seemed to reach to the back of her mind, reverberating and bouncing off the walls of her inner thoughts. She rolled over and pressed on the pain in her chest. A warm, moist feeling covered her fingers. As she pulled her fingers from the pain, she saw the stars reflect in the dark warmth that now covered the tips. She gently rubbed her fingers together to feel the slick, slippery wetness of the blood that slowly rolled down to her palms. “Is this how I go?” she wondered. “Is this how I go?”

Her eyes raised to the heavens and stared at the twinkling stars. “I suppose,” she breathed, “I’ll now know what it’s like to be a star.”